7 ways our apps help you avoid failure

When you accidentally knock over a drink it's due to a brief lack of focus. When you're driving, or taking your DVSA test – you can't afford to lose focus.

Here's how our apps will help you succeed:

1. We've formatted questions to look as much like the real test as possible. No matter how well you've prepared, on the day of the test, the pressure and tense atmosphere might affect your memory and focus. The familiar way our apps mimic the real test can help you feel comfortable and ease your nerves.

2. We designed the Mock Test to be as much like the real test as possible – you'll get the identical amount of DVSA questions with the same time limit. There is one difference – you can pause our Mock Test. We realise that life has constant distractions, so finding the required amount of undisturbed test time can be difficult. We do suggest you take the Mock Test without pausing a few times – this will hugely increase your chance of success.

3. When you take the Mock Test, if you are still within the test's time limit, you can go back over questions, change your answers, and also review questions you've “flagged” – this is exactly the same as the real theory test. This is invaluable because you'll become familiar with the real test procedure.

4. Most of our competitors only allow you to review flagged questions once, and don't allow you to review all questions and change your answers. Even the DVSA app has this limitation. Because you wisely chose our apps, you're getting an experience that's as close as possible to the real thing.

5. If you're studying using the DVSA manual, how can you be sure you've seen all the questions and know them thoroughly? There are around 1000 questions! Well, our app's Intelligent Algorithm lets you have this information so you always know where you are.

a) In the Practice Mode, if you go to the “Settings” option, because our apps remember everything you've done, with one tap you can see the questions you've not yet seen, and also the questions you've answered incorrectly. This lets you know where you need to focus the most.

b) The Personal Trainer mode has a dynamic image that tells you what percentage of questions you've answered correctly once, then twice. The aim is to get 100% on both counts. It's easy to luckily guess the correct answer once, but not twice. This way you can be confident you've learned all the questions.

6. Everyone finds certain questions difficult to remember. This is why we have an option to “flag” those questions, which go into a “Flagged questions” section in Practice Mode.

7. Study with your app as much as possible leading up to your real test – doing this can seriously help you succeed. Then you can take the actual vehicle test and hit the road!

You want to get on the road asap don't you? Last year close to 50% of people failed their theory test. You don't want to be one of those, and because you've cleverly bought one of our apps, as long as you study, you're less likely to be.

Regularly use your app anywhere, it's designed so you can study for a few minutes or a few hours at a time – and it can be used offline. Remember, the Intelligent Algorithm remembers everything you do – it's like hiring a great tutor! Use the amazingly helpful features on our apps, study with focus, and empower yourself to pass with flying colours!